Welcome to Made by Mummy Markets

Created in early 2016 by me, Samantha Jennings, a stay at home mum and crafter. Made by Mummy Markets hosts real life arts and crafts markets featuring the most talented parents and carers* from across the region. Made by Mummy Markets are curated events; makers apply for (rather than book) a stall ensuring high quality goods and a wonderful range of craft types are on display.

Alongside the Markets themselves I run a Membership programme to mentor and assist individual makers in turning their crafting hobbies into businesses that make more money than they cost. A range of training events open to the public also take place throughout the year on topics like marketing, accounting, trading standards, visual display and more.

To find out when the next Market or training event is please visit the Events page or follow us on Facebook.

*Most of the Makers who trade at Made by Mummy Markets are parents of some sort but not all. We are more than happy to welcome any maker who is happy to be under the Made by Mummy Market banner. Often there is a story behind a craft, and family is often a major feature. Be it learning to knit from Nana or making clothes for a nephew. Simply get in touch if you like the sound of what we do.

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