What do we do?

Real life arts & craft fairs in North Yorkshire and an e-commerce website.

My fairs are designed to be easy for mothers to attend, short and sweet on Sunday afternoons, just like tea and cake. Low stall fees keep your costs down and your profits up.

The website is the craft fair that never closes. You don’t have to be stood behind a stall every weekend to sell your creations.

What makes us different?

Makers are selected by invitation or application to ensure a high quality of craftswomanship is maintained. Homemade and handmade crafts are key, it's got to be something more spectacular than just bits you've bought and stuck together yourself.

A spectrum of crafts on display. Good old favourites yes, but more as well. Floristry, the written word, pottery... and the list goes on.

Support. I also arrange a number of expert speakers to attend workshops with the Makers. These are both practical and informative. Covering areas like product photography and basic book keeping. Whenever possible these experts are also mums working from home, full of top tips for getting the job done.

Samantha Jennings David Jennings

Who are we?

I'm Samantha. A 30-year-old stay at home Mum of two, wife and enthusiastic crafter.

Before having my children, I worked in museums, running education & community engagement projects. I have a degree in Archaeology and have worked across the North East and North Yorkshire including The Bowes Museum, Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens and Gayle Mill in Wensleydale. I have a great deal of experience working in visitor attractions, organising and marketing events.

I am also a member of my local Women's Institute, volunteering as the Hall Treasurer.

The other half of this Mummy is my wonderful husband, David. He is a talented illustrator and web designer. He has built the website and provides design services to Makers. Services include, logo's, business card layouts and printing, web design and more.