The story so far...

Made by Mummy Markets® was born in February 2016 as a reaction to what I felt was an unsuitable market place for women like me, trying to make and sell hand made goods from home. I found many fairs to have high fees, long opening hours, low footfalls. Mediocre marketing and a booking system that meant you might end up next to someone selling the same thing as you for half the price, or worse a load of imported goods that aren't event hand made.

With 10 years of work experience in the heritage sector under my belt and a husband who is a web and design wizard I felt confident that I could fill a gap in the market place creating a system far more suited to mothers trying to grow their businesses. With two small children at home, at the time my son was age 2 and my daughter was 10 months old, I also felt very in tune with the pressures other mum's and I were facing.

So I designed Made by Mummy Markets® to work for mums and makers of lovely things;

  • Low fees to help increase makers profits and give fledgling businesses a helping hand.
  • Shorter opening hours so that parents aren't out of the house before breakfast and home after dinner.
  • An application process, rather than booking, so that each event can be curated as a whole.
  • Destination marketing to ensure a high footfall of the right kind of customer.

To date over £10,000 has been spent by shoppers at Made by Mummy Markets® events. I currently run 2 or 3 markets per year.

Once I'd run a couple of Markets it became clear that many of the women I was working with had a huge range of talents and knowledge. Some were full time artists. Many had, like me, previous careers in various fields like teaching, nursing, or accounting. But we all had gaps in our business knowledge, and many of us found working at home lonely and difficult at times.

So I started trying to plug those gaps by organising training events with expert speakers, often outside of normal office hours. I also hold a few networking and social events, like a Mum's Office Christmas Party for those of us with out colleagues.

As many of the women I work with are used to the relationship of a traditional line manager I created the Membership Scheme to help give makers this sort of experience for their own business. During one to one meetings we set goals, make plans and I help to realise those. We also have group get together's so that we can share information and ideas. All of the things you might be missing as a self employed person.

You can find out more about membership here.