Cloud Accounting for Crafters

Thursday 25th May 2017, 19:00 - 22:00
Colin Hutson Accounting Limited, 74 High Street, Northallerton, DL7 8EG

Head in the Clouds? As crafts people we often put off the 'boring bits' of our businesses. They take time away from the fun, making, bits we enjoy. But if you're running a business, not a hobby, making money is a key part of your business and time should be spent managing that. 

Keeping accurate accounts is a legal requirement, and as HMRC shift sole traders over to quarterly filing in 2018 it will be even more important to keep up to date records. Don't panic, there are many things you can do to stay on top of your accounts. One is to use cloud accounting software to keep your records digitally. 

Join Made by Mummy Markets for a demonstration of a system called 'Sage One' with Julie Hutson from Colin Hutson Accounting Limited in Northallerton. You'll see a demonstration of the system and be talked through how to use it for invoices, money in, out and how to link it to your bank account. You'll also find out how this data can then be used to create reports providing all of the information you'll need for HMRC without the difficulties of missed formula cells in excel, or the chaos of a carrier bag of crumpled receipts. Julie will be able to answer questions about how you can use this software yourself, and how it can help if you use an accountant. 

This session is limited to 6 participants to ensure we have time for questions and specific discussion about your needs. Tea, coffee and cake included. Parking is free on the High Street after 6pm. Booking is essential. Any questions? [email protected]

Tickets must be paid for in advance on Eventbrite to secure your if you'd like to come please don't miss out - only 6 tickets are up for grabs.
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