A Grand Day Out - Designer Makers Market

Sunday 13th November 2016 - 3 years ago

A couple weeks ago I made a deal with my 3 year old. We would go on a day out to Leyburn because Mummy really wanted to visit a wonderful craft fair, so if he could be a good boy for an hour or so whilst I looked at lovely things I would take him to the Wensleydale Railway Station and we would have a picnic on the platform.  

Hesitant at first he quickly agreed. And my poor neglected second baby gets taken along for the ride, bless her. 

Our destination was The Garden Rooms at Tennants of Leyburn. The glamorous venue provided a stunning back drop to a market place of unique and beautiful creations. With wood and metal workers on display outside and stalls lining the corridors of the interior there was much to see.  

Like my markets, Kathryn Guy the organiser of the Designer Makers Markets, hand selects sellers. This is instantly apparent in the diversity and quality of the goods on sale. Not only did I enjoy seeing the goods on display but also how the works were shown. Novel yet simple props gave the stalls height and eye catching displays. Presentation is so key to a sale. I was particular taken with Kathryn's own use of a collage of photo frames to display her jewellery, stood on an easel, like little works of art.

Kathryn's event also showcased the hand made nature of the goods on sale beautifully by having hands on demonstrations taking place. Having been prepped not to touch anything my son was thrilled to have a go on a treadle lath and a giant bobbin knitting stool. Thank you Veterans Woodcraft and Lone Halliwell! 

My pick of the day has to be Suzanne's stunning glass jewellery, particularly her sea shore inspired pendants. My 18 month old took a shine to the cute stained glass blue tit by Janet Fraser

The children were mostly good (greatly enjoying pushing buttons in the lift) so were rewarded with a trip to the train station. I was rewarded for my mornings 'work' with a delightfully sinful millionaires brownie - which much as I didn't want to, I did have to share. 

The next Designer Makers Market takes place on Saturday & Sunday 19th & 20th November at The Witham in Barnard Castle. It's sure to be a great opportunity to get your Christmas shopping cracked. 

What Does Success Look Like?

Friday 14th October 2016 - 3 years ago

This time last week preparations were in full swing for the Autumn Arts Market, featuring 20 Makers, at the beautiful venue of Thief Hall. 

Well what a weekend it was! To be honest I am still a little overwhelmed by the turn out for the event, the quality of the products on sale and the supportive & inspiring atmosphere of the makers & customers all together in that room. 

Jackie from Heart of the Dales making another sale
Jackie from Heart of the Dales making another sale

Something I always ask myself before an event is 'What does success look like?', This was a favourite phrase of my last boss before I became a Mum and set up on my own. I hope he is pleased his voice is still in my head! 

In terms of my markets there are a number of outcomes I'm looking for. Some are hard to quantify. So whenever I can I like to collect data to measure my success, to prove it in numbers and facts.

Here are a few statistics of success for the Autumn Arts Market:

  • 20 talented sellers attended  
  • 306 customers came through the doors 
  • 2338 pounds and 50 pence were spent with those 20 sellers 
  • YES £2,338.50 in the pockets of local business women - that is what success looks like for me today! 

Thank you to all of the people who made the market a success. 

You can be part of the success story too. Applications for the next Made by Mummy Market are now OPEN! Taking place at Thief Hall on Sunday 14th May 2017. Application forms can be downloaded from the Events page

The joys of shopping with crafts people this Christmas

Sunday 25th September 2016 - 3 years ago

With just two weeks to go until the Autumn Art's Market, and only 91 days until Christmas, how organised do you feel? 

Not very...Don't worry, I am here to help. 

At the Market you will find gifts-piration for all of the family. Many of the homemade and handmade goods on offer are one offs or are made to order. So to avoid missing that perfect gift come to the market armed with your Christmas Shopping List. 

I've even made a template for you. which you can download here

Christmas Shopping Gifts-piration List
21 Amazing Makers could be on your list

If like me, you love to window shop, you can scroll back through the Meet the Maker posts on Facebook and pick out your favorite items in advance. 

Not only could you then enjoy the build up to Christmas with your shopping under control you can enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that your hard earned cash has not lined the pockets of a mega retail giant. Instead you're helping a mum; a mum who is working hard to earn the cash that you can spend, making her businesses a success. Making dreams come true. 

And if you find that you just don't need to buy that lovely item but you'd like to support an artist or a maker on their way, buy #justacard. Give that card to a friend and spread the word about a wonderful crafts person. 

Thank you & happy shopping! 

P.S If anyone wants to colour code their list and share it on Facebook I might just love you 

P.P.S Autumn Arts Market 1pm-4pm Sunday 9th October 2016 at Thief Hall near Northallerton